Author's Background

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Work Experience

Retail - 9 years combined

Real Estate - Passed Exam and practiced for a year

Military - Served 8 years in USMC

Administrative / IT - 3 years

Entrepreneur  - 2 years J&C Associates, J&C Computers, Pre-Paid Legal


School Experience

The following are the computer classes I have completed:

Military Classes through the G-6

Microsoft Excel 2000

Microsoft Access 2000

Advanced Microsoft Access 2000

Microsoft PowerPoint 2000

Central Texas College

ITSC 1409/MISC 1450 I  Integrated Software Applications I
ITSC 1401/MISC 1420 Introduction to Word Processing
ITSC 1407/MISC 1440 Introduction to Database
ITSC 1435/MISC 1451 Introduction to Basic Programming
ITSC 1405/MISC 1461 Introduction to PC Operating Systems
ITNW 1433/MISC 2454 Microsoft Networking Essentials
ITNW 1437 Introduction to the Internet
ITSC 2439 Personal Computer Help Desk
POFI 2431 Desk Top Publishing For The Office

San Jacinto College

ITSC 1307 Unix Operating Systems I
ITSW 2334 Advanced Spreadsheets
ITMC 1301 Microsoft Windows 2000 Networking and Operating Systems
ITMC 1342 Implementing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Structure
ITSC 1325 Personal Computer Hardware
ITSC 2321 Integrated Software Applications II
ITMC 1319 Installing and Administering Windows 2000 Professional
ITMC 1343 Microsoft Active Directory
ITSW 2337 Advanced Access
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