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     I love to play a relaxing game of golf on the weekends to shed the stress of the week.  Golf is definitely a sport that requires relaxation to play.  I always find that my game goes down south when my temper rises. I have played some municipal courses and public courses.  I have only had the opportunity to play on courses in Texas, North Carolina and Okinawa.  I also love playing the computer versions like Links, Golf Pro, and Jack Nickelson.  I do prefer playing Golf Pro over the other two. 



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Video games


     I am a product of the arcade age and I spend several hours playing video games on my computer.   I enjoy playing strategy games and a few first person shooters.  I prefer strategy games the most.  The more resources I have to gather, the more research that has to be preformed, and the more planning I have to do the better.  First person shooters are more of a quick stress relief for me.  I have large variety of games to choose from these days.  Below is just some of the titles I own.

Unreal Tournament Half Life Quake II
Starcraft / Brood War Baldur's Gate Diablo I / II
Army Men I / II Caesar II Diakatana
Home World War Craft I / II Myth
Icewind Dale Ground Control Ages of Empires I / II


PC Gamer Magazine - Online magazine
Icewind Dale - Tips, tricks, and help for pesky problems. 

Baldur's Gate - Tips, tricks and help.
Starcraft - A great game for passing the time.  Also one hell of a multiplayer game.
Blizzard - To check out some of the hottest titles.
GameCopyWorld.com  A place to find patches and fixes for bugs in games.
Black Isle Studio
Sierra Online

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VW Beetles

     The fourth car I owned was a VW Beetle and that was at the age of nineteen.  I drove that car till I was twenty three years old.  It was converted from a 73 standard full body to a 73 BAJA (above).  I had pulled the engine and stripped the tins off. I installed powder coated tins over the jug covers and painted the fan shroud to match.  I pulled the engine out monthly to clean it so I designed a quick release for the wiring harness that had only one plug.  I also had three mufflers that I rotated monthly (quiet pack, glass pack, and a short stinger w/ a coffee can painted to match the engine).  By the time I sold it I owned  a 66 VW as well. I sold the 66 to my brother which he still has.  In 1997 I once again ventured down the path and bought 72 full body standard VW Beetle.  When it comes to my cars I have to say that I am a VW beetle enthusiast.  I wreaked the front so once again my plan is to BAJA it.  I will post some pics when I enter into the construction phase.   

Houston VW Club



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